The Memory of the Present

The Memory of the Present  is a performance about the interaction between the performer and the stage design which is based on the work of Rene Magritte. The stage is treated as a three dimensional painting that includes mixed elements from Magritte’s work. The performer finds himself inside a Magritte landscape and discovers different roles along the way.

Choreography: Evangelos Biskas
Performance: Hendrik van Maele
Light Design: Edwin van Steenbergen
Stage Design: Evangelos Biskas, Hendrik van Maele, Guus Fiers                                        Dramaturgy: Marc Maris                                                                                                  Sound Editing: Isaac Poels                                                                                              Photography: Jasmijn Krol                                                                                            Registration: Paul Sixta                                                                                                    Production: Dansateliers                                                                                                Developed as part of One Night’s Dance 2016 








8-11 December: One night’s Dance, Dansateliers, Rotterdam                                              15-18 December: One night’s Dance, Dansateliers, Rotterdam