About Evangelos

Evangelos Biskas (Thessaloniki/Greece, 1994) is a dancer and choreographer with a main interest in the interdisciplinarity between dance, theatre, music and visual arts. He graduated from the department of dance and choreography at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (FHK) in Tilburg, Netherlands (2016) and was nominated by the academy’s award ‘Jacques de Leeuw prijs 2016’.

With his graduation work ’Eternal Chilling’ (2016) he won the ‘Moving Forward-Young Dance Makers Award 2016’, which made his work more visible in the Netherlands. The last work ‘In Search of a Title’ (2017) is an interdisciplinary performance co-created with choreographer Elysia McMullen in collaboration with musicians Ruben den Brok and Isaac Poels and light designer Raoul Baeten. Since 2017 he is one of the new makers of PLAN-Brabant; a collective of dance houses, theatres and festivals supporting upcoming artists.

Next to his own work as a maker, Evangelos also performs as a dancer in theatres and site-specific locations. He is currently performing in the dance production ’Even Worse’ by Guilherme Miotto- Corpo Maquina (2017) and in the interdisciplinary play ’Loophole’ by Charlotte Goesaert (2017). Some of his previous performances include the works ‘This is not a Sad Song’ by United Cowboys (2016), ‘EV’ by Fernando Belfiore (2016) and ‘iTernal PlayGround’ by Katja Heitmann (2014).

Evangelos’s work is based on his inner drive to express states of the mind and the body. Being fascinated by a palette of theoretical notions deriving from philosophy, psychology and science, he aims to translate knowledge from these fields into concrete experiences, using the body as the leading medium. In his performances, he deals with the theatrical elements in a consequent and aesthetic way as if they are a surreal painting, striving for images of strong juxtaposition and poetry. Together with his performers, he is searching for balance between freedom and structure, instinct and choreography, in order to make their experience direct and personal. The creation of the movement language is always a collaborative process, which makes every work a different physical experience. He challenges them to take risks, surpass comfort zones and constantly experiment. His ultimate vision is to show richness and multiplicity in layers of meanings and symbols in order to invite the viewer into a trip; to stimulate one’s fantasy and to open up new doors of perception. Evangelos’s work can be seen mostly in theatre venues, however it can be adapted to different environments such as musea, galleries and site-specific locations.

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