Immortal Game VR

‘What can be the nature of physical relationship when in distance?’ Together with performer Yiannis Logothetis and Virtual Reality (VR) company ImproVive, Evangelos Biskas is searching for alternative ways to develop a performance that challenges the limits of space and time. In ‘Immortal Game VR’, ImproVive creates a digital playground in VR where Yiannis joins from New York and Evangelos from Tilburg. The performers meet and interact with each other as avatars, and explore a new realm of physical possibilities that broadens their perception of movement. The audience can join the performance from anywhere in the world; they can experience it inside the Virtual Reality using their own headset at home, or they can view an online video stream providing both a real-world view of the dancers as well as a 2D view of the performance in the virtual world.

Choreography/Performance: Evangelos Biskas                                                                Co-creation/Performance: Yiannis Logothetis                                                                    Virtual Reality Design/Technical Support: ImproVive – Roger ter Heide & Nikita Kayal Sound Design: Isaac Poels                                                                                              Production: Nederlandse Dansdagen                                                                                Co-production: Corpo Máquina                                                                                  Financially supported by PLAN



10 September: Try out                                                                                                              23 September: Try out                                                                                                             5 October: Virtual Residency Nederlandse Dans Dagen

Immortal Game VR trailer on Vimeo