Evangelos Biskas V


V.0.1 is a dance improvisation installation and ongoing movement research. Evangelos Biskas responds to an algorithm made by creative coder Nikos Mouchtaris, using its true-randomization to push him to new movement possibilities and challenge his own patterns.

Here is the algorithm: Title? Fuck you! (mouchtaris.github.io)

Here some basic commands if you want to use it for yourself, it should work on Mozilla Firefox in case it doesn’t work in other browsers:

Shift+control+k (open the command bar)
For category – for example to choose level: v.setg (3, 1, 1) -> where 3 is the number of the category and 1,1 the probability of this category to pop up (1,1) = 100%
To choose an option within a category- for example to choose flat from category level: v.set (3, 6, 1, 1)
For simultaneous categories running together: v.setg (2, 1, 3), v. setg (3, 1, 3)   v.setg (4, 1, 3) =each category between direction, level and shape has 33% chance of coming up
To change the time of the commands: v.sleepmin is the minimum time option that the algorithm starts to give outputs and v. sleepspan is the difference between the minimum time option and the maximum one